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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all, surely you have all heard of the horror story about a sheet winch on a 54 continuing to run after the operator released it. Being used to haul the male partner up the mast. The female partner and winch operator was severely injured as was a next door helper.

Subsequent to that Joel posted how he witnessed a sheet winch on a 54 self start. Caused, I am told by a fault in the push switch. Amel have moved to Haarken as a result of a messy legal issue.

So these things. can happen. I have heard of a boat that had a halyard left on an electric winch. It was tied off to the pulpit. It self started in the owners absence and did major damage to the pulpit.

So folks, it happens, so we need to be aware and take precautions. Dont leave sheets or halyards loaded on live winches and turn off power to the windlass before leaving he boat.

I don't believe it is a brand issue, it is electrical contacts in a challenging marine enviroment



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Unless the control box has gotten wet inside (which given its location is very unlikely) I can not imagine a realistic scenario that would cause its relays to change state without power being applied to the coils. Granted, I am not always as imaginative as I should be!

If you described a case where the windlass would not shut off after running, the control box is one of the first places I would look, but you said the windlass started up on its own hours (at least) after being used.  That's not a symptom of a "sticking" relay.

Bill Kinney
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