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When we replace one of our radar cables, we had to remove the cover plate on the port side of the mast at the base. As the cable makes it way down the mast, there is a tube it has to align with that leads to the aft head compartment. The plug on the cable can hang on the upper lip of this tube. We used a wire hook to guide the cable plug and ensure the plug was not damaged during the pulling of the cable.


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Hello All,


After 20 years of service our venerable Furuno 1831 has gone to the great boatyard in the sky, and it is time to install our new radar.


I am just about ready to climb the mast and change out the scanner, and am hoping someone here can prevent any unpleasant surprises when it is time to pull the new cable. I found where the cable goes into the base of the mast step in the aft head.  I have found the access plate and cable at the base of the mast.


Is the cable secured in any way inside the mast?  Can I just attach the new cable and use the old one to pull it up the mast?  I know others have done this job, any suggestions to make it go smoothly would be greatly appreciated!


Bill Kinney

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