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calll the corps of engineers navigation section and go with the charts. They are very helpful. Usually you can get under all the 65 foot bridges by waiting for low tide slack water, then wait on the other side 2houors to deepen the water. Murray seidel sm349 910-470-1225

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We own SM #240 and are also headed south from the Chesapeake to South
Carolina in three weeks.

I assume you are talking about going through the ICW; unfortunately,
while the regulations call for a depth of 12 feet, it has been much
neglected over the past few years and has silted up in many areas.
Postings in chat rooms talk about a five foot depth in some spots; I
motored the ICW in a previous boat six years ago, and at times bumped
with a six foot keel. I don't see any alternative for you except the
outside route around Hatteras. There is no place to put in between
Norfolk and Beaufort, NC. Be sure to allow yourself a reasonable
weather window; with planning, it should not be much of a problem,
but the conditions around Hatteras are very fluky and can change
quickly. Always an adventure, but your boat should be able to handle
most of what Hatteras can throw at you.

Tom Peacock
Aletes SM 240

On Oct 18, 2007, at 10:52 AM, blowinahoudy wrote:

> We are fairly new members of the group and are heading south from
> Maine in two days.
> Has anyone talen a 53' Super Maramu from Norfolk, VA. to Beaufort, NC.
> recently. We are especially concerned about bridge heights and water
> depth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Joe #86
> "Brown-Eyed Girl"

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