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Porter McRoberts

Might I also suggest when pulling the cable with the existing sending line— also connect another sending line to the cable (to replace the one you’re using), so that when you’re finished you’ll again, have 2 sending lines.

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I believe everything is covered in the prior total of posts on this subject:
  1. Lube the cable with either Cable Lube or liquid soap...Cable Lube is better. Cable Lube is found in Electric Supply shops and is used by electricians to pull wire through conduit.
  2. Don't pull the new cable with the old, but you can pull an new line down with the old cable, then use that line to pull the new cable up
  3. If you use one of the Amel installed pulling lines, you will find a piece of foam tied every 1-2 meters. This makes the line a little difficult to pull, but keeps the line from wrapping around existing cable. These anti-tangle pieces of foam also make everything going through that condit a little hard to pull.
  4. Be sure that the "pulling line" is correctly tied to the cable that you are going to pull. 
  5. Use strong pulling least 50 pound kite string here.
  6. If your pulling line breaks, Amel has at least 1 extra line at the spreaders and at the top of the mast...they are all coiled in a ball together at the foot of the mast.
  7. If you use an Amel installed line to pull a cable, when pulling the cable also pull a new line to replace what you used. Either you or the next owner will be thankful later.
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Hi all, I accidently sent the below unfinished, big fingers, small phone key pad.

See finished post below.


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Hi Bill,

Just to offer that if you get a product called cable lube and lather the cable with it before you pull it. It doesn't leave residual mess and it is incredible how much easier it is to lull the cable. I have been told,  in the absence of cable lube KY jelly works. Haven't tried it myself. We've had a 1 litre bottle of the cable lube on board for 8 years.



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Hello All,

After 20 years of service our venerable Furuno 1831 has gone to the great boatyard in the sky, and it is time to install our new radar.

I am just about ready to climb the mast and change out the scanner, and am hoping someone here can prevent any unpleasant surprises when it is time to pull the new cable. I found where the cable goes into the base of the mast step in the aft head.  I have found the access plate and cable at the base of the mast.

Is the cable secured in any way inside the mast?  Can I just attach the new cable and use the old one to pull it up the mast?  I know others have done this job, any suggestions to make it go smoothly would be greatly appreciated!

Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie


Boston, Mass



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