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Courtney Gorman

Thanks Steve and every one else.  With a little tension and some in and out all is now well with my Main........sail.
Amel 54, Trippin
PS Steve sorry I wasn't around to offer you a drink we were Visiting my mom 

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Having just gone down to find you on dock 12, it appeared from the dock that the mast foil was under a fair bit of tension and pulled aft jamming the slot. You may want to roll the mast furling motor out a tap and perhaps then back in some to see if you can get a good wrap on the foil without too much tension. I am on dock 10 if you get back to the boat and want extra hands and eyes. 

All the best,
Steve Morrison
SM380 TouRai
Brunswick, GA

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Thanks Jeff

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Greetings Courtney,

I’ve had nothing but in mast furling boats and I’ve learned the following tricks:

- HEAD into wind!!!
- If your sail is in good condition, there should be no reason to get a jam.
- Ensure your boom is horizontal. if you have a vang, release the tension.
- Keep tension (light) on your outhaul as you furl in.

In your case, I suspect the boom was not horizontal… if this is the case, you might have a “bunch up” about mid mast.  Go up the mast and have an other CM furl in or out as you inspect the offender.  Gently does it … it will fix it self when you are patient.

Good luck

Jean-Pierre Germain
SY Eleuthera, SM 007, Curacao on the hard.

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Hi all,
After our first sail we have a stuck main sail not enough tension while furling.  Question is how do I solve the problem? 
Amel 54 Trippin'

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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel54 ONAN Generator MDKBN Fuel Pump 149 2646


Thanks all for extensive responses.
As for some of you, this must be the result of a prior mechanics work.
We will bear in mind your recommendations when we do our first intervention.

Best wishes,

On 5 July 2017 at 18:29, 'Bill & Judy Rouse' yahoogroups@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Thanks for the plug, Porter.

Every Amel owner should do their very best to contain saltwater when opening anything with saltwater. A combination of towels and suction will keep your Amel engine room looking new. And, it is no more trouble to do things the BEST way. 

CW Bill Rouse
Admiral, Texas Navy
Commander Emeritus
Amel School
720 Winnie St
Galveston Island, TX 77550
+1(832) 380-4970


On Jul 5, 2017 09:35, "Porter McRoberts portermcroberts@... [amelyachtowners]" <> wrote:
Mine is extremely rusty.  Purchased that way: likely prior mechanic did not use the Bill Rouse wet/dry vac/ surgical suction method for total NaCl containment.
Applied Corosion X, now unchanged and have a spare in the parts list.

Works fine however is a cosmetic issue at present.  

Porter McRoberts
S/V Ibis: Amel 54-#152
Ft. Lauderdale

On Jul 5, 2017, at 10:12 AM, 'Mohammad Shirloo' mshirloo@... [amelyachtowners] <> wrote:

Hello Thomas;


As stated by others, the fuel pump should look clean, painted finish. The salt water from the raw water impeller will drip/pour over the fuel pump if preventative steps are not taken. If you do not see an active leak or evidence thereof, this would most likely explain the issue. We had the same issue when we purchased ours due to previous “mechanic’s” work. I have carefully cleaned it as best as possible and applied corrosionX to try to control the rust. (A coat of rust preventer, primer and paint may not be a bad idea).


I have also purchased a spare fuel pump, just in case.



Mohammad & Aty

B&B Kokomo

Amel 54 #099


From: SV Garulfo svgarulfo@... [amelyachtowners]
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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel54 ONAN Generator MDKBN Fuel Pump 149 2646





We have noticed our ONAN generator fuel pump is looking quite rusty.

Is it meant to deteriorate this way over time?

if not, do you know what might be the cause?


Photos here.


Thanks for your advice,


Thomas & Soraya 


Amel 54 #122

Cap d'Agde, France



Amel 54 #122
Cap d'Agde, France

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