Re: Aft Holding tank


Hi David
In May I purchased Amel SM #230. Both the aft and forward holding
tank copper intake pipes had similar splits as you describe. I
utilized a combination of epoxy putty and PVC pipe to create new
connections and have been monitoring them very carefully. So far, no
problems. I did contact Amel about this, was referred to the base in
Guadulupe as I am located in the Caribbean, and was told the cost for
replacing the holding tanks was about $5000 each.
Good Luck

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We have a problem with a split of the copper outflow pipe just where it
joins the holding tank! It looks like a fault in the copper pipe and
the split is 5 to 10 mm. I think I could epoxy or use some liguid metal
over the split then use some cloth and fiberglass to wrap the pipe down
about 2cm on the copper.
The best way would be to remove the holding tank and have the whole
copper pipe replaced but do not know how to remove it. Does anyone know
how this could be done?
Thanks in advance,

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