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You are obliged to pay customs and VAT as soon as you buy things outside from an other country then were you are. Within Europe, there is a VAT-free commercial area, meaning you don't need to pay VAT Or customs when shopping from one EU-Country To an other.
If you are a "boat-in-transit" you can get your VAT money back, when you leave EU, but not the customs fee. And the refund is complicated. It means you have to pay the VAT first.

My suggestion is that you buy your sail here in Europe instead.

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I have no first hand experience with the mainland EU, but many islands in the Caribbean, including those that are officially part of the EU, have VAT and Duty exceptions for "Yachts in Transit."  Taxes are not collected on imports that are addressed to boats with a valid short-term cruising permit.  

Of course if your yacht has been imported into the UK or other EU country and is not "in transit" Duty and VAT are probably just going to be the cost of life.

For Duty purposes, be sure you know where your sails are really coming from.  Very few are made in the USA anymore, most coming from Siri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong, or China.

It's worth a closer look with someone who really knows what they are talking about! 

Bill Kinney
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I have just had the unpleasant experience of shipping an ammeter from the US to the UK and being hit with 22% duty and VAT plus handling and clearing charges. Apparently this now happens routinely, if the item is more than about $45.
Not a big deal because the value is small, but I had been thinking of sourcing some sails in the US and shipping them direct to Italy later this year.
Has anyone had any experience with US sails being shipped into the EU? I really don't want a surprise like I got with the ammeter.

Greg Shea
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