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Hi Paul,

Yes there are several products designed to polish hazy/scratched plastic -you'll get what you pay for: the best are used on the plastic windscreens of airplanes.  Heavy/deep scratches can not be repaired however minor haze and shallow scratches can be temporarily corrected.  Just to set the proper expectations, though, the polish is not permanent.  Depending on the exposure, the improvement will last from six months to a year and then need re-polishing but it is certainly better than replacing the windscreens.

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Re: Hazy wind screen by "Ben Driver/YAHOO" ben_and_gayle_driver



Re: Shipping sails from the US to Europe

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I have no first hand experience with the mainland EU, but many islands in the Caribbean, including those that are officially part of the EU, have VAT and Duty exceptions for "Yachts in Transit." Taxes are not collected on imports that are addressed to boats with a valid short-term cruising permit.

Of course if your yacht has been imported into the UK or other EU country and is not "in transit" Duty and VAT are probably just going to be the cost of life.

For Duty purposes, be sure you know where your sails are really coming from. Very few are made in the USA anymore, most coming from Siri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong, or China.

It's worth a closer look with someone who really knows what they are talking about!

Bill Kinney
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I have just had the unpleasant experience of shipping an ammeter from the US to the UK and being hit with 22% duty and VAT plus handling and clearing charges. Apparently this now happens routinely, if the item is more than about $45.
Not a big deal because the value is small, but I had been thinking of sourcing some sails in the US and shipping them direct to Italy later this year.
Has anyone had any experience with US sails being shipped into the EU? I really don't want a surprise like I got with the ammeter.

Greg Shea
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Hazy wind screen

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Our starboard wind screen have patches which are hazy, if one put water or wash them it dissapere, but as soon as it dries the haziness is back. It looks almost as on a car windscren when wenitilation is poor and the surface just starts to get #foggy# anyone know if it is possible to get rid of the haziness?
Have anyone tried to polish the screen? when I was a kid we use to make items in # Plexiglas # and when polished they shined as crystal.
If we need to change the wind screen, anyone who had made that so that one also can open the starboard windscreen
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Re: Hazy wind screen

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"Ben Driver/YAHOO" ben_and_gayle_driver

It is possible to clean off haze. I used Novus 7100 plastic polish kit. It consists of three containers: 1) for cleaning and polishing ; 2) for light scratch removal and ; 3) for heavy scratch removal . It costs $16 on Amazon. You will need serious elbow grease or - preferably - a power buffer to get stellar results.
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