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Eric Freedman

Hi Gary,

Please let me know how the disassembly of the Amel logo sheave goes. I found the screws totally welded to the sheave an had to cut the sheave with a hacksaw and get a new one from Amel.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376


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Hi all:


One of my Antal jib sheet cars had failure of the plastic runners that line the cars and provide the bearing surface upon which the car slides on the "T"  track.  This left me with metal on metal for that interface and that is untenable.  I emailed Antal and they referred me to  here in the USA.  


These folks were very helpful and they supplied me with two sets of Part Number  G30.40A PVC inserts 160 mm long,   for $18.25 per set  plus shipping.  These are the original OEM sliders. 


This repair will require removal of the car from the track to install them but I believe the car removal can be accomplished by removing the bolt at the end of the track and also removing the car traveler pulley mechanism at the aft end of the track.  I need to remove this to replace the Amel logo aluminum pulleys at the base of that apparatus anyway.  I think this will provide clearance without having to grind some of the "T" section but that is yet to be determined.  


Gary S. Silver

s/v Liahona

Amel SM 2000 #335

Puerto Rico


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