[Amel Yacht Owners] Illustration on swapping the Aft & Forward Air Conditioning Climma Marine Compact 9

Alexandre Uster von Baar

I recently had a failure on the Aft Air Conditioning and decided to swap the unit with the one of the Forward cabin.

So for the owners like myself who are intimidated by repair they have never done performed, I illustrated the “swapping the Aft and Forward Air Conditioning Climma Marine Compact 9”. 

It was not difficult, but not without unexpected surprised.
If you plan on removing or installing either the Aft or Forward cabin unit, I seriously recommend you look at ALL the pictures and sections as I pictures differently the removal and reinstallation of each unit.
Plus some section are more detailed on the harness reconnection, etc.

Here is the link:

Sincerely, Alexandre
Port de Plaisance de Gustavia, Saint Barthélémy, French West Indies

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