Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Frigoboat two speed fan not working

eric freedman

Hi ,

Did you do the dollar bill test on the refrigerator door seal?

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We've been having higher temps in the Frigoboat refrigerator recently, over 50 degrees F.  

We have already pulled the unit out and cleaned the heat exchanger, and; made sure that all air supply spots are clear; and are now rearranging things inside to ensure interior air flow.  At first that seemed to remedy the situation, but now we're back to higher temps (just a few weeks in between).


My infrared thermometer has 32 deg. F at the coldplate so that doesn't seem to be the issue.


I'm going to order a new thermostat and see if that helps, is there anything else I should check?


While checking on these things, I've found the two speed fan is only working on one speed.  I know it worked in the past.  Is there a fan capacitor that might be the issue?




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