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Hi all, My research into Coppercoat prompted me to email the manufacturers. Below is their reply. I am becoming pretty convinced by the product and when I can find a good yard to strip the bottom without damaging it I am going to give it a whirl. We have personally cleaned and antifouled every boat we have owned for over thirty years but I am now getting fed up with all the preparation.Coppercoat looks as though it might be the solution. Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Uruguay

Subject: RE: Coppercoat for your Super-Maramu
Hello Ian, Thank you for your enquiry regarding Coppercoat multi-season anti-fouling. Now protecting over 30,000 vessels all around the World, Coppercoat is the only bottom coat currently available which is actually proven to resist marine growth continually for ten years and more.Unlike many paint companies, we do not manufacture different types of anti-fouling for different sorts of boats and particular locations. Instead, Coppercoat is only available in a full strength, hard wearing version. The epoxy carrier is filled with the maximum amount of copper allowed by law,and consequently this coating will keep fouling at bay in virtually all conditions. Indeed, we have supplied Coppercoat to a few clients in Argentina over the years, though most of the goods we supply to South America go to Brazil. Please note that Coppercoat only uses pure copper, and not the weaker and less effective alloys such as copper-nickel. Furthermore, while the non-eroding epoxy can easily withstand use by high powered motor-boats and racing craft this coating is equally effective on less frequently used and/or slower moving leisure vessels. In terms of keeping a hull clear of growth, Coppercoat is not only long-lasting - it was designed to be even more effective than the very best performing conventional systems. In fact, Coppercoat is the most copper-rich and powerful anti-fouling on the market. The high performance of Coppercoat has seen our product become increasingly popular within racing circles - for example, the latest 72ft racer from Oyster (Oystercatcher XXV) that won the 2006 Rolex Antigua Sail Week (Performance Cruising Class 1) uses Coppercoat.> At a cost of well over GBP 3 million the owner of this hull (the Chairman of Oyster Yachts) had the yacht built to a weight several tonnes less than the conventional 72ft Oyster, and concluded that Coppercoat gave a worthwhile performance advantage. Similarly, motorboat owners report increased hull efficiency, with greater boat speed at fewer engine revs. Indeed, Coppercoat is the upgrade option on some of the UK's most prestigious motor-boats, including the GBP 11 million range-topping 37M Tri-Deck Sunseeker (as launched at the 2007 London Boat Show). In fact, all Sunseeker yachts delivered to the Middle East now have Coppercoat fitted as standard equipment as tests show that on average, each boat achieves a speed increase of almost 2 knots having been treated with Coppercoat (when compared to>testing with a clean hull newly painted with conventional anti-foul). Sunseeker and Oyster are just two of the boat building companies to use and specify Coppercoat on new build hulls. Other clients include African Cats,Aquastar, Arcona, Arvor, Bowman, Cornish Crabbers, CR Yachts, Delphia, Discovery, Feeling, Fisher! , Hanse, Hunter, Hylas, J-Boats, Lagoon, Najad, Nauticat, Quorning, Rampart, Sessa, Southerly, Spirit and Starlight. Following recent discussions various other boat builders such as Finngulf, Marten and Sweden Yachts may soon be offering Coppercoat also. We manufacture and supply Coppercoat in a 1-litre sized unit only, with each unit being sufficient to fully treat 4 square metres to a finish (i.e. with all the necessary coats). Therefore, given that your Amel Super-Maramu has an underwater area of approximately 57 square metres I recommend that 15 litres be applied in total for a complete and long lasting treatment. If applied by roller these 15 litres should be used in four thin and equal> coats, all applied consecutively in a single, dry day. At the current rate of GBP 60 per unit, such a 15-litre package will be GBP 900 plus delivery. When you compare this figure to the cumulative costs of having to lift your boat and re-paint it with conventional anti- foul every season for the next ten years or so, you will find that a once-only treatment of Coppercoat provides simply unbeatable value for money. Unfortunately we do not have an active distributor for Coppercoat in Argentina or Uruguay at this time. However, we can deliver goods to you by either sea or air-freight. Orders can be placed by telephone, fax or e-mail, and we happily accept payment by the major credit and debit cards or bank transfer. For detailed information regarding hull preparation and product application> please refer to the "application" section of the website. However, in brief, you must start by removing any layers of previously applied conventional anti-fouling, so that you are back to a sound and permanent substrate, such as an epoxy treatment or the gel-coat. The clean surface should then be abraded so there is a good key for the Coppercoat to bond to. Following this, the Coppercoat application is by conventional> roller in dry, mild conditions. The minimum temperature for application! is approximately 8 degrees Centigrade, and the hull underside area should be protected from rain for at least 24 hours. While all goods are supplied with full application instructions we are always available by telephone to answer any last minute questions that you may have. Furthermore, all orders are supplied with a copy of the Coppercoat DVD - this 10-minute film shows exactly how to apply the product easily and correctly to achieve a smooth and professional finish. I trust that this general information is useful. If you would like to discuss the use of Coppercoat in greater detail, or if you simply wish to confirm an order, please do not hesitate to e-mail again or call us on +44 1202 888802 when my colleagues and I will be pleased to help. With best regards, Ewan Clark. Aquarius Marine Coatings Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1202 888802
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