Re: Lofrans Tigres and snubbers


HI Stephen,


Sorry that I missed you in Newport.   As usual, Kent’s advice is worth taking.  Like Kent, I use about 30 feet of stretchy line for the snubber.  As Kent says, it makes the boat happy. 

Like my boat, the Lofrans is now 19 years old.   I replaced the motor about 5 years ago.  The replacement rather than a cheap motor rebuild was necessary because I keep using it when it clearly needed something.   The rest of the windless was in fine shape.  Are you sure that you need a complete rebuild?  

If you do replace it, I would urge that you keep the Amel configuration.  Holes in the deck are never a good idea.  When I am on the boat next, I will try to find the company in Turkey that I bought rubber caps and spare electric switches from. 

If it would be helpful, do not hesitate to phone me in Newport to discuss any of this.


Miles,  SM 216 Ladybug.  Newport, RI Harbor.

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