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Hello Oliver
Thanks a lot, this is great and useful information.
Best rgds.

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Hello Rüdi,

there has been indeed 165 AMEL 54 made from 2005 to 2011.
Most of them are equipped with FURUNO pilots with hydaulic drives. However, there has been around 40 AMEL 54 originally equipped with Raymarine pilots and electric drives. No B&G pilots but B&G sailing computers (HYDRA 3000).
Of course, as on many AMEL models, there has been some changes with time in the equipment of the AMEL 54, mainly:
-two types of engines: VOLVO D3-110 and VOLKSWAGEN TDI 140-5 (both 5 cylinders with low rpm max torque) All have AUTOPROP props
-two types of bow-thrusters, both with a SLEIPNER SIDE-POWER base but with 4 blades props and maintenance or 5 blades-maintenance free
-two DOLPHIN or MASTERVOLT battery chargers
-one or two windlass (capstan type) 
-two types of gangway (electric or hydraulic)
-genoa furler upgrades (3)
-mainsail in-mast furler (2)
-two kinds of generators ONAN 9.5 or 11kW
-three kinds of watermakers, all from DESSALATOR
-some have two freezers (instead of one)
and some more including several kinds of electronics that I cannot detail quickly here.
Diesel fuel heaters were only installed upon client's wish (not standard).
AMEL never installed stern arches, but some AMEL 54 are equipped with nicely done aluminum stern arches for dinghy and solar panels/wind generators
AMEL installed S/S Simpson electric davits upon client's wish. 

There has been two major recalls from AMEL: main mast reinforcement and Harken deck switches (instead of LEWMAR).

If you have already visited an AMEL 54, you may ask me more questions on this forum or on my gmail address:
olivierbeaute at gmail dot com.

Olivier BEAUTE.

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The best guy for all this is Joel Potter on this web site; he knows everything - I can copy you the User Manual and the Owner manual - I thought that was what you were after.

I think  about 175 Amel 54’s were built.

My autopilot is Electric Raymarine and I post installed a hydraulic back up as a modification. I have just completed circumnavigation and never had an autopilot problem although it must have been working 90% of sailing and motoring time.

original equipment B & G Instruments, Furuno radar/chart plotter, Raymarine VHF, HF SSB was an option I do not know what Amel installed originally - I did a retrofit with an Icom 801/2. My 54 has Volvo 110 D3 and Kubota, driving Cummings generator 11KVA - Climma Aircon. There is no heater but an Eberspatcher option is available.

I hope this helps but Joel is the best at this.

Peter Forbes
0044 7836 209730
Carango  Sailing Ketch
Amel 54 #035
In a Hurricane cradle in Grenada

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Hi Peter

Thanks, english is not a problem. 

Mainly I tried to find out how many Amel 54 was build and which hull number on which years. 
But also what kind of original manufacturer equipment they used as standard in those years. 

E.g. I have seen P&G and Raymarine as autopilot equipment. One question was; does AMEL used on the AMEL 54 electrical autopilot or hydraulic ones? 

Thanks for investigation and best regards
Currently "boatless" ;)

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I have masses of data on the 54 - what are you looking for.

mine is all in English however.

best wishes
Peter Forbes
0044 7836 209730
Carango  Sailing Ketch
Amel 54 #035
In a Hurricane cradle in Grenada

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Good afternoon Alexandre and AMEL folks 

I'm also very new with this group and I have tried out and explored "" by curiosity because I'm searching data for AMEL 54. 
I was surprised that there is no data about the AMEL 54. There are literally all AMEL-Models on the list even the new AMEL 55 but not the AMEL 54 build from 2005 until 2012? Is there a reason for it?

Is there a certain number of AMEL 54 users/community on this amelowners@yahoogroup who may be surprised/curious about this fact as well?

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Good morning Thomas, 
Pretty cool!  
Congratulations and welcome to the group!  
Here are some link (mostly in French) on the Amel Copain:

Sincerely, Alexandre
Port de Plaisance de Gustavia, Saint Barthélémy, FWI

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Le Copain
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Date: Monday, July 17, 2017, 4:40 AM

name is Thomas and I am new in this group.
month I bought an old "Le Copain" here in
like this small boat but also need additional
like constructional drawings
and / or brochures and handouts.
know that this boat was build in the 1960s, but I hope
here in the group has informations
for me.

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