Re: Lofrans Tigres and snubbers



It was a pleasure meeting you in Newport, if only for a moment as you boarded Lady Bug. As it turns out we have a few friends in common. I have known, been friends with and have done too many offshore races over many years with Gary Forster and Juan Corradi. We arranged a rendezvous in Thimbles Islands this past weekend with them.

I am sure a complete rebuild is necessary. The bolts holding the motor to the mounting plate are sheared. The external dog clutch parts were fused into one mass of electrolysis which took me two hours of picking at with a stainless steel X-acto knife to free. The gipsy cones and the sprockets have seen much better days. I sense that the internal dog clutch needs replaced as well as the spring. And of course there is no point it doing this without the complete Lofrans maintenance kits that includes all seals, keys, etc.

We will certainly work with you to coordinate getting together eithe rin Newport or if you find your way to New York City we can meet here.

Stephen Lees
S/V Sequel, SM53 #349
New York, NY

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