Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Lofrans Tigres Undersized


If you are having trouble with an anchor sitting tightly on the bow roller, you might want to check out this product from Mantus Anchors:

I have the 40kg Rocna on Harmonie, and it sits just fine on our roller, but I had trouble on my old boat with a Mantus anchor not snugging down tightly.  The "Anchor Mate" fixed it very nicely.    Not sure how, or even if, it would attach to the Amel bow, but it worked great on the last boat.

Bill Kinney
SM@#160, Harmonie
Beverly, Mass

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Did I write 49 kg? It was a typo. I have a 40 kg Vulcan. Rockna recommends a 33 kg and I debated a long time before deciding on the 40. This is the updated Rockna without the hoop on it. I thought it would fit better on the roller but it swings back and forth too much do my taste. But it holds very nicely. I have been using a piece of spectra tied to the anchor and cleated on the main cleat. No strectch and great abrasion resistance.

Anyhow, thanks for your input to this discussion. I agree on using the center roller on the 3 roller configuration.

Stephen Lees
S/V Sequel, SM53 #349
New York, NY

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