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  1. I like to lay the chain out without clumps as I am moving in reverse. 
  2. I also like to stop paying out chain 2 times and let the chain jerk against the windlass. This helps set the anchor. It will do no damage if you have properly greased the clutch cone and have not overtightened the 3-prong clutch release-lock...the clutch cone will simply slip a little. 
  3. Then when I am in position, with the motor in idle reverse, I will attach the snubber, paying out the chain until I have a nice lazy loop of chain...
  4. At this point, I will have the helm rev 2200 in reverse to check the set of the anchor...that load will be on the main cleat and snubber.
The 2 times mentioned above also helps in higher winds when the bow catches the wind and begins to turn. The jerking straightens you out again.

I hope this helps...there are hundreds of ways to set an anchor...this is the one that I use.


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Thanks for your thoughts. I like the idea of the remote on a long cord. I suppose there are several remotes just for this purpose available with a little digging.

Your anchoring procedures are pretty consistent with mine, but it is true that I have only been using about 12'. I will try the longer and am a fan of the three strand for that purpose.

I only have one question though. As the boat is drifting back and as you are putting tension on the anchor while in reverse, is th stress being taken directly by the windlass. Do you engage the little rotating lock that hooks into the slots in gipsy? Or do you have a chain stopper engaged?

One last note. That is that this is a small world. My teenage years were spent growing up in Marblehead and Hamilton so I know Beverly well, though it isn't the same now as it was back then. I obviously caught the sailing bug while living in Marblehead and no one has found a cure . . . Thankfully. Where do you keep Harmonie?

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