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          When our boat is out of the water I just put waterproof grease  ( the sort that you might use for a dinghy trailer ) on the end of a stick and coat the valve, with someone inside the boat  opening and closing to spread the grease around..  When on board we open and close the valves occasionally even if we don't need to.

 Worked OK  since 1977.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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That is a good idea - vegetable oil to lubricate the holding tank valves - does anyone else know of an approved method to lubricate the through hull valves?

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Regarding the holding tank valve...  After I empty the tanks, and flush some bleach down the toilet I leave it a few hours.  Then I empty the bleach... ie...  open and close the valve.  Then I put some vegetable oil in the toilet and flush it down.  Then I work the valve back and forth about 10 times.  This makes it easy to move the valve.

If there is something wrong with what I am doing, please let me know

Ken Powers

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Hi everybody,

I have to do the antifouling on my Supermaramu with International Micron 66.
Does anybody know how much antifouling I need for two coats.

Thanks in advance

SM 150 Serafine

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