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Thank you for the responses, I think you are correct, the radio is really a personal choice, I think I should look for one with a few more features and a remote station.

What type of fittings are the light bulbs, Bayonet?  Festoon?
How many main overhead lights? 
How many lamps?
I think it would be crazy not to preorder my LED lights, I can foresee the kids always leaving the lights on.

Anyone know what size the fwd bathroom hatch dimensions are, I would like to order a new lens, I do not know any reliable sources of Lexan in Thailand, let alone getting someone to cut it to shape without cracking it. 


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Hi Chris,

All my lights are now LED.  

1. Consult for a vast selection of high quality.  Typically, the cheap LEDs fail quickly.

2. Cut out the old Lexan and cut one to size.  No point buying a new hatch.

3. Not sure of gauge.

4. I bought a Standard Horizon 2200 E.  Has integral GPS, (displays course and speed on screen)AIS (A only) and as its DSC, you can input a MMSI number for safety while bounding the waves and send DSC messages.  I find it handy.


Jean-Pierre Germain,
SY Eleuthera, SM 007

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Very soon we shall be flying to our new (to us) Super Maramu after only seeing it for a couple of days in Thailand last month..........excited!!!!

I know that some of these topics have been addressed previously, however I am having trouble finding specifics of what info I need.

Could someone please advise on the following info that I need.

1.  LED lighting in the interior.  What types of light fittings (bulb type) are they and number of bulbs lights that I require?  

2.  Our fwd head, overhead hatch has a crack and needs new lexan/plastic cover/lens I believe that this is a Goiot brand hatch, what size is the hatch?  Are these easy to fit and where to order from?

3.  Bow thruster electrical wires cable size/gauge, I noticed one cable was damaged. 

4.  Suggestions of a good VHF radio, the original Simrad  base station is failing and feel that it would be best to replace and upgrade than repair.  What are good features to have, good brands etc.  Is it worth paying more for features?

Thank you in advance 


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