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Hello Bill R and other helpful readers,

Thank you for your reply regarding the alumninum rivits in the jib
furler. All of my pins have sheared off but I beleinve the holes in
the jib tube and outer ring are still in good condition. I would
like to only replace the alluminum rivits with new ones and have a
few questions.
1. Do you know if I have to remove the broken half of the rivits
from inside the assembly or can I just push them aside when I
install the new rivits.
2. If I have to remove the the broken rivits from the inside of the
assembly how can this be done?
3. I have one rivit in my spare parts bag that is 2 inches long. Is
that the size rivit to be used in this location?

Thank you for any insights.
James DeSalvo, SM#207

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Hello James,
I have had the same problem several times and finally the foil
holes were worn enough to warrant further action so I removed all
the rivits and used the gib halyard to lift the foil out of the
fixture and cut off about 1/2 inch from the bottom being careful not
to damage the forestay. Then drilled new holes in the foil for new
rivits and that has worked well. But you need a large rivit gun to
handle the large rivits.

Good luck, Bill Rahmig Leonore of Sark SM72

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We own a Super Maramu #207 and have a problem with the roller
rivets on the jib. There are ten of them and 7 have sheared off
3 in a state of disrepair. Have any of you have any expience with
them. We can't seem to find any documentation with the notebooks
came with the boat. Any help would be most appreciated.
James DeSalvo
S/V Liebling

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