Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Using a 110V power-strip on 230V boat?

Mark Erdos

From one amateur electrician to another, I would think so long as the amp rating of the strip was sufficient it should be okay. But then again, I could be and most probably am wrong.



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I'd like to plug in a power strip to the outlets behind the Nav Desk on our SM to charge phones and computers.  

It seems to me (an admitted amateur electrician) that using a 110V power strip to handle 230V sounds like a bad idea at first glance.  However, the wattage (W = V x A) would be the same for the appliances plugged in, and the power strip would have larger wire than needed at 230V, it should work and not be a hazard.  It also makes getting one easier...


Any thoughts on why this would be a bad idea?




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