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Patrick McAneny

Bill, I thought the two button would be the way to go , didn't see the need for a light . The port locker seems like a good place to mount it , I will go with that.

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We used the two button one.  We thought about the one with the light, but decided to pass.

We mounted the socket for the connection on the aft bulkhead in the port side bow locker, since that is usually open anyway when we are anchoring to access washdown hose, snubber, etc.  Other people have mounted remotes in the forward cabin.  I'd rather not have to open that hatch if it was raining out, but I don't see one choice as a lot better than the other.

In any case, keep the socket pins coated with CorrosionX or other suitable material.  The way Amels are wired the control circuit is powered up all the time when you are sailing.  If it gets damp, stray currents can cause the pins to corrode.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Beverly, Mass

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Bill, I have wanted to add a remote for the windlass . I looked at your link to Quick , one question or two . Which remote did you buy , two buttons , led ? Did you mount a connection outside on the deck for the remote or install it down below and pass it up through the hatch ?
Pat SM #123

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