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Porter McRoberts

Can you make a recommendation as to what to get?  No implied liability of course! 

Thank you as always!  Porter

Excuse the errors.  
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Absolutely correct Gary!

Some of the US 110VAC power strips have electronics inside which are vulnerable to 230VAC 50htz.

This issue is that Duane, or anyone else trying this risky substitute for the "right thing," won't know whether the device will melt-down or not. It is one of the reasons I said in my reply to Duane, "There also could be lots of other issues...It is much simpler and much better to..." 

Maybe I should have gone into more detail, and I apologize for not giving the "burn your boat to the waterline" warning. I had written "other issues," and need to state that this is not the only other issue.  


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If the power strip has surge protection it will fry with the 230v (I think). I did have one power strip smoke off, without any load, aboard already so I don't have them any more.
We do have an inverter for the 110v loads and that seems to be a good solution.
In lieu of a strip I use short length, one-to-three extensions.

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