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A long answer for a short question:

I really like the power strip that I bought in Martinique at the computer shop at du Marin. It had 6 220VAC EU (French) receptacles and it had 2 USB receptacles for charging USB connected times I could have used more USB charging ports.

Of course, you must remember that when it is plugged into 220VAC, it delivers 220VAC to the 6 AC receptacles...and I would NOT plug it into 110VAC. 

I am not entirely sure how the internal circuit and transformer for the USB receptacles works with USA 220VAC 60htz, but when I was in Trinidad, I used this device for 4 months and the USB Voltage measured at 5.2VDC, which is within 5% of 5VDC and should be fine.

I like this one from Amazon, but I am not 100% sure that it will work with 220VAC 50htz. I like it so much, that I would be willing to try it:

The above from Amazon has a USA 110VAC plug. Nowhere does it state it will take EU current, but I found possibly the same device here at Ebay France:

I believe that it is the same device, but with a either a UK or EU 220VAC plug and UK receptacles which I believe will will take a EU two prong plug without a UK to EU adapter...I can't be sure. The specs state:110-250V, Max Output: 2500W 10A , USB Output: 5V 3.4A Frequency: 50/60Hz 

If it were me (no liability accepted), I think I would order the one above from Amazon US and use an US to EU adapter to plug it into a 220VAC 50htz French style outlet that you have on your boat. You might also take an old USB wire, cut it, strip it and check the voltage between the black and red wires when plugged into one of the 6 USB ports on the power strip. USB charging should be between 5-5.6VDC. Then also be aware of any heat that may come from the device. I am betting that the input side of the transformer for the USB port power accepts 110-250V 50/60Hz. If you buy this one, please let me know the outcome, so that I can share it with others.

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