Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Main Sail Furling Motor 24V

Stephen Morrison <steve_morrison@...>

When I got through to a US rep this spring, they could do nothing for me as far as a replacement. Maud got me two new motors as replacements but they are slightly more slender and required having new Delrin (the black plastic housing) supports machined. I kept one of the old motors as a backup and had to get rid of the other as it was burned beyond servicing. 

Steve Morrison
SM380 TouRai

On Jul 20, 2017, at 7:23 PM, Ken Powers sailingaquarius@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:


Hello All,

I am looking to buy a spare 24V motor for the main furling system, and can not seem to find the Leroy Somer brand available anymore.  I called the Leroy Somer US representative, and they didn't get back to me.  Anyone know what brand/Part Number of motor could be a replacement?


Ken Powers
Aquarius SM 262

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