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Maria (Pitu),

How are you and how is Willi?

If I were you, I wouldn't add hydraulic as a second drive unit. Rather I would add Raymarine M81134 Type 2 Long Linear Drive 24 Volt. This is the drive unit that Amel installed in SMs. The reason I would add it rather than hydraulic, is that adding hydraulic adds 1 more complexity to the autopilot system. 

Who ever installs this needs to know that the internal clutch is 12VDC, even though the motor is 24VDC. Also, the motor wires on the linear drive installation have to be reversed polarity to the primary chain drive, and you will need an A/B switch to switch between both drives. 

Let me know if you need more installation information.


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Good morning form Grenada,

I would like to install a second autopilot on my Super Maramu (1995).

Does any one know the Raymarine hydraulic Linear Drive 24v M81201 (New E12208)

Any information and pictures will be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Maria Geiger


Super Maramu # 148

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