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Maria Geiger

Hello all,

Thank you for your email and inputs. 

We are looking to the possibilities for the Super Maramu 1995 that is different than the SM 2000.

Pat from Shenanigans did a super job on it, and  you can check the pictures on the group. 
I cannot see another way to install the M81134 Type 2 Long Linear Drive 24 Volt on our SM.

I dont have enough information for the Lecombe & Schmidt hydraulic  self priming drive from Jean Pierre and the space that this system will take and location where it was installed.

A Raymarine specialist told us that the Raymarine Hydraulic Linear 24v E12208 Type 2 will be easy to fit in the SM 1995. 

We will continue with our investigation :) and let you know.


Maria Geiger
SM 1995

Hello Gulls and Guys,


I installed a Lecombe & Schmidt hydraulic self priming drive ( better quality than the Ray equiv unit) coupled to a Raymarine AC 400 system.  It was not very successful at first because of the poor engineering, quality control and installation done in TK.


However, the results after 2 engineering changes and many thousand miles have proven it reliable and in my opinion more supple and subtle, hence easier on the boat than a comparable electric drive which steers the boat by “0” and “1” rather than a smooth change; in fact, the electric unit is only used occasionally to verify its’ serviceability.  However, the installation of a hydraulic drive in an early SM enforces a regime of “remove the rudder bellcrank” to verify and tighten the rudder shaft nylon nut because one cannot get the tool under the modified bellcrank to tighten it while at sea.  (Lose all steering if done… think of putting the boat in “irons” before removing the bellcrank.  Hence the “regime" described earlier….


Unfortunately, I am now in Europe visiting friends and never took photos of the installation…


If you are interested in photos and parts list, I will be back on the boat on 15 Sep…


Kind regards,


Jean-Pierre Germain,

SY Eleuthera, SM 007




Hello Maria

Whats  now your decision? Hydrolic drive from Raymarine ? What was the input from Bill .

How you will install it on the aft cabin under the bed. You SM hull has a different bulkhead there then  the > SM # 200

Courious if you cut out the 8 cm  stringer to put the linera drive arm to connect it to the ruder shaft?

Let us now

Best regards


SM 16 Tamango 2


Maria, I can't remember if you guys already have linear drive . Do you already have linear and just want to replace it or add linear drive to the boat . If you are adding it , I have done that and can give some guidance . Diane keeps me up to date on you guys , we will be down next winter , hope you are still there , we'll continue our tandem cruise . Your daughter's wedding pics were fantastic. Say Hi ! to Willie & Niki .


SM Shenanigan

Hi Pat,


I've got an older SM (#72), and will be adding a linear drive before we do our Pacific crossing early next year. I'd really appreciate I if you could send me any info and pictures you have of how you added the drive to your boat. I've got some ideas, but seeing a good and working installation would be great. 



Steve Davis

Aloha SM72



Maria (Pitu),


How are you and how is Willi?


If I were you, I wouldn't add hydraulic as a second drive unit. Rather I would add Raymarine M81134 Type 2 Long Linear Drive 24 Volt. This is the drive unit that Amel installed in SMs. The reason I would add it rather than hydraulic, is that adding hydraulic adds 1 more complexity to the autopilot system. 


Who ever installs this needs to know that the internal clutch is 12VDC, even though the motor is 24VDC. Also, the motor wires on the linear drive installation have to be reversed polarity to the primary chain drive, and you will need an A/B switch to switch between both drives. 


Let me know if you need more installation information.



CW Bill Rouse
Admiral, Texas Navy
Commander Emeritus
Amel School 


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Good morning form Grenada,


I would like to install a second autopilot on my Super Maramu (1995).


Does any one know the Raymarine hydraulic Linear Drive 24v M81201 (New E12208)


Any information and pictures will be appreciated.


Kind regards,


Maria Geiger


Super Maramu # 148



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