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Mark Erdos



Atlantic Arch has a pretty good video here that explains the installation process:


Per the instructions, as the arch is sized for the width of the boat, it is bolted about 4” wider than the boat. I used cargo ties to compress the arch and secure it in the deck mounts. This will reduce but not eliminate side to side movement.


I added a pad eye to the transom above the middle hand hold handle. I then made some wire fittings with pelican hook attachments. These attach to the upper corners of the arch using KIT78000 Clamp Assembly/Lifting Eye and the pad eye. I have the wire in place when at sea and when at anchor or dock, remove the wire on the starboard side so the steps are accessible. This method has illuminated all side to side movement and the arch is very solid.


We used the standard backing plates that came with the arch. The plates on the port side are hard to access sine they are above the propane locker and not much space there to get a wrench on the bolt.



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Can you explain a little bit more about the process of pre-loading and bracing the Atlantic Towers Arch?  Also, did you use standard backing plates?

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