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The schedule 80 is a $500 upgrade. I purchased the upgrade as others have. The arch is a custom build and not a stock item. It takes about 3 weeks from time of order to arrival. If I remember rightly delivery (truck - curb side) is included in the price.


When you get it be sure they ship all the pieces. We ended up getting about 4 shipments from them as they forgot to include stuff. They were very nice about it and apologetic. They expressed the missing hardware at their own expense.



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Thanks all, very helpful as I plan on installing one within the next 6 months.

I'm assuming these are all schedule 80 tubing.


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I also installed the Atlantic Towers arch and agree with Pat about the 45 degree post. Mark's set up on Cream Puff is also strong. We've sailed about 3000 blue water miles and not experienced any sway. We do not carry the dinghy on the davits while on passage. We are also adding a "shock" halyard that goes to the top of the mizzen mast and splits to both sides of the arch. I used this arrangement on my last boat and found it comforting when bashing into head seas.


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