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I am not at sure what they were referring to when they think it might be "a little high."  You can trim it to any height you want.  Shorter is probably a better esthetic choice, but full head room is important.

For me, a height that wasn't going to hit my head while walking out the transom, yet within hand reach for balance and support was perfect.  I used the full height (80 inches, I think?) and am happy with it.  Shorter people might chose a shorter arch.  You can fully assemble it, see what you think, then trim if it is "too high" for you before final assembly.

I installed the whole thing while we were on the hard.  Putting the solar panels on top was the only physically difficult part of the whole job.  Having an elevated platform that let me stand and reach the top of the arch from behind the boat was very handy.

Any arch and solar panel configuration does add a new consideration when docking.  Remember to watch the pilings on those corners that stick out!

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Gloucester, Mass

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When I spoke to them last year, they said it was their personal opinion that the arch was a little high for the boat.  I don't know if that's been changed after a few installations or whether it's an individual choice of the boat owner on installation.

S/V Longbow SM2K #418

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