Newbie looking for Amel and Offshore experience

Brent Cameron

Hi all.  I've had a dream since the late 1970's to buy and cruise an Amel (I still have th Cruising World issues with Joel's ads on Mango's and Maramu's)  Life intervened but now, I'm in a situation (kids gone, retired, etc.) where I think I  can finally make this all happen.  I'm planning next summer to buy my very own SM 2000 to do some long term cruising.  The realist in me however points out that I'm not likely to be able to buy one anywhere near my home port on the Great Lakes and while I have about 20 years (over the last 40 or so) of active sailing experience, I also recognize that I've not sailed anything much bigger than my current 29' Paceship and then mostly only on the Great Lakes and so still have a LOT to learn before I think about doing anything offshore in a new (to me) Amel.  I also want to find out for myself if I really have what it takes to do any serious ocean passages before I "invest" a significant chunk of my savings into my dream. 

Therefore, I'm looking to kill two birds with one stone... 1) gain some experience with ocean passages (towards my RYA Yachtmaster certification) and 2) learn more about the Amel's than I ever could by continuing to listen in on the excellent exchanges on this forum so that when I do get my own Amel, I'm ready for it.  It occurred to me that there are probably more than a few Amel's that are making significant passages this fall that might want an enthusiastic and very willing to learn volunteer crew member.  I will go anywhere in the world for this and would cover any expenses and travel of course.  Thanks and suggestions are very welcome.  (I already know to contact Bill/Joel/Michel and Oliver when I'm a little closer to the buy decision).

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