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That panel with the relays does come out (at least it did for me!).  Trying to work with those wire connections inside that forward cubby would be a nightmare!  There is a black plastic hand screw in the cabinet that, when removed, allows the wood panel with the wiring for the jib furler and windlass to be removed.  

On my boat, the brown wires were the control wires carrying +24V from the switches to the relay coils.  Blue was the -24V back to battery negative. Gray wires were +24V for the coils of the jib furling relays.  I don't see any black wires.

There are some pictures and schematics here:
Hopefully they will help.  If you need something more specific, let me know.

Newer boat owners should note, that at some point Amel started using the control box from the windlass manufacturer and not their own relays so your boat might look quite different.  I don't know what hull number that change was made or if there were any other changes made before or after #160!

Bill Kinney
SM#160, Harmonie
Gloucester, Mass

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Bill, I have received my Quick windlass control. I can't see the relays well enough to read the labels . I always assumed the panel detached from the cabinet to better access it. There is a brown wire (common I believe ) and a blue and black wire . Could you tell me , where you connected those wires ? It would save some time experimenting in a tight difficult spot to reach .
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