Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Selecting the proper Genoa for a Super Maramu

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Before you do anything why don't you get a quote from two people who will ship anywhere in the world:
  1. David Benjamin> - David owns Island Planet sails and up until a few years ago, owned an Amel. He is also a member of this Group.
  2. Tahsin Oge> - I met Tahsin in Turkey and toured his modern and very large sail loft in Izmir. Tahsin was the EU producer for North Sails until he decided to create his own brand. He also makes Hood Sails and at least one other brand. I bought all 3 sails from Tahsin.
And before you start resizing the Genoa, remember your Super Maramu has a twin pole downwind system. If I were you, I would use the exact size Amel originally used. David knows the size and Tahsin has the original Genoa which was installed by Amel on #387.

I bought triradial cut Hydranet from Tahsin. Make sure that you understand all of the differing specifications when ordering a sail...I am sure that you do, but unless you specify all of the specifications, they may not necessarily be included with your new sail. Personally, I would not use Dacron, regardless of the weave or branded name because all dacron fiber will stretch. But if cost is a factor, Dacron is cheaper than Hydranet. Also, my personal opinion is that these special branded dacron sails is more an attempt of one sailmaker to make it difficult to compare prices, than it is beneficial to you...just my opinion.

I hope my little editorial helps you in your search.


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