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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

I got a new 155% made of Dacron. I got a heavier cloth than they would usually use for that size because it is inevitable that you will have it up when the wind gets way over 155% strength. I wanted it to stand up to winds that required it to be half rolled. For the same reason I insisted on the tapered padded luff so it would hold good shape when partly furled. Sorry, I don't remember the weight. Back in my racing days I always went up a cloth weight because I reasoned that the lighter cloth would go out of shape sooner and any advantage in performance would soon be lost. Gave me much longer effective racing life. Same principal applies to my cruising.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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I have a 110 yankee cut genoa of 10.5 material. It is a beast very heavy.
When I go offshore I start with this sail. If I encounter light winds we switch back to
the lighter 155 sail It is the same material as the original Amel sail, I forgot the weight but much better in light air.
I don't know what the Amel sails were made from but they lasted me about 60,000 miles.
I believe they are Dacron.
My replacement sails were made of some proprietary Dacron material from Doyle.
I have 16,000 miles on them and they look and behave like new.
I am quite happy with them.
If you are going to buy one headsail I would boy a 155 but of lighter material than 10 oz.
You also need the 155 as it works with the downwind poles.
Fair Winds,
SM 376 Kimberlite

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> Hello all,
> Any information is appreciated.
> I am in the process of purchasing a new Genoa for Aquarius,
> SM#262, and now found that I don't have all the information
> required to choose the proper sail.
> I heard that the SM Genoa supplied by Amel was a 155.
> I was leaning toward a 130 with 10.11 oz Challenge Warp Drive,
> but now after thinking a bit more maybe going to a 9 oz 140.
> Need help!  We are going through the Panama canal and sailing
> through the South Pacific next season, and want to get the
> correct sail now...
> Thanks again for any help.
> Ken PowersSM


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