Raymarine Linear Drive Autopilot of a Maramu

Andy Croney

Dear Amel community,

We are toying with the idea of installing a second , back up, auto pilot on our older Maramu. The primary autopilot is a BandG connected to the original , bullet proof, rotary drive.

We are looking at the Raymarine evolution system pack - it would then be independent of our other systems and working directly off the quadrant.

However , which model would be preferable and feasible in the limited installation space available plus the max vessel displacement capacity of the units ? , linear (33,000Ibs) or linear long ( 44,000lbs)?

If any other Maramu owners have gone this route , we would be grateful of any experiences information you would care to share . Thanks in advance

Any other pitfalls we need to Consider ??

It is such a privilege to be part of this group!

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