Re: Kenwood EU 340 washing machine SM 140 Sula

Graham Boyd

Dear Miles,

Thanks so much for that, you've solved the problem; "Sula" escapes
the hack saw after all! Interestingly, having got the right lead
from you the variations in price for these machines around Europe
has been amazing: £700 in the UK to EU540 in Germany. As I travel
around a fair bit, guess where I'll be buying mine?!

Best wishes,

SM 140 Sula

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<mbidwell@...> wrote:

Hello Graham,

The washing machine on our SM 216 died last summer. The original
was Eumenia. If this is the same as yours, we found that a new
version of
the same machine (same size, same connections, quieter, faster
spin) is
being made by Soba called a Babynova 1000. This machine is also
sold by
ENO. I had a French chandlery order one and it works splendidly.
company's email is <> .


Miles Bidwell (s/y LADYBUG)

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