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We toyed with the idea of a replacement last summer and searched the USA for a compatible solution. We were looking mostly at drawer models. However, the best solution we could find was a semi-custom unit from Coastal Climate Control. Most of the standard models include the compressor within the box profile thus we would lose some refrigeration space. To have an exterior compressor such as the standard install on Amel was getting expensive. The cost was quickly approaching $4,000.


We then looked at the unit Amel installed. It is a solid well made box. Better than anything new we could buy. We decided to keep the box and replace the compressor, condenser and thermostat giving the unit all new guts. The new variable speed compressor uses about ½ the amps of the original year 2000 unit. We are very happy with the results. When we put the box back under the cabinet, we wrapped the box with ½” foam-board adding an extra R level of insulation.  The box was a very tight fit getting it back into the cutout. The added insulation has made a big difference in the tropics. We keep the unit at about 38F or 4C with not problems. The complete overhaul was about $1200.


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Dear Amelians,

I'm considering to replace the refrigerator in the galley and am therefore looking for a model withe the same size, but hopefully has multiple drawers to store thinghs and is more energy efficient (not releasing all the cold air when open). Does anyone from the comminity have experience with other models / recommondations?

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