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Hi Paul and sorry about your bump. You are starting off with bad advice as anyone who says this is cosmetic is wrong. Cosmetic is abrasions and deep scuffing. Anytime you have structural delamination, particularly in a structurally important area such as that area on your boat with damage, a deep and intensive look at the entire structural system for the boat is required. Why? Amel boats are of monocoque construction. Google it. Essentially, the boat can be both lightweight and strong too because all elements of the construction are joined together structurally and depend on each other much more so than in a regular/conventional production built fiberglass boat. A strike in this area can produce incredible loads to the primary structural grid that supports the keel and the mainmast. The force from the impact can be transferred to other structural elements not near the impact site. At the very least, get an Amel owner who is very familiar with the structural details of the Super Maramu to have a look. I would also have someone who knows sophisticated fiberglass laminates to use  a borescope to look in areas around the bulkhead under the main mast and adjacent areas to see if any stress cracks, or worse are present. You should get expert advice from someone familiar enough with Amel boats to screen potential repair facilities to make sure your boat will be repaired properly. Olivier would be your best solution by far. The surveyor I use in the United States used to build fiberglass boats in England and has surveyed at least 400 Amel boats for me over the last 35 years and would be a good second choice as we have seen some boats that were damaged and also ones that were poorly repaired by yards unfamiliar with Amel’s or who just didn’t really give a damn.

If you send plenty of good, high resolution and well-lit photographs, I can make a preliminary report to help you decide what to do next. It is important to do things correctly and I have seen the exact same situational damage before and I have seen some really awful repairs and I was involved in two good ones with the help and guidance of my colleagues in La Rochelle.

Be careful until you know the true extent of the damage. Not trying to frighten you, just to let you know your first prognosis might be suspect.


All The Best, Joel

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Patrick and others

We had some hard encounter with a submerged breakwater. We hit with the keel just where the reflector of the transducer are for the logg. There are some de-lamination around the bulkhead just in front of the water tank. the yard we are at now said it more or less cosmetic. however we need to repair.

Probably in the Chesapeake area. So my question is.Is Skip Jack in Sassafras a good place for this or should we head for other place. currently in Port Washington and heading for Main so any good Marina on the stretch Main to Chesapeake bay would be suitable.

All suggestions highly appreciated

Paul a not so proud or happy captain on SY Kerpa SM#259 



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