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Bill (Rouse),


Just for the record : SM hull N° 232, delivered in late July 2008, was in fact the first SM 2000, even though it did not get the label on its rubbing strake. And she was fitted with an Autoprop.

I know that because I was the original owner, she was then named Satchimi and now Lady Anila, and this SM was built surreptitiously in the yard to avoid prying eyes while the “standard” SM’s were still being marketed.

She is the boat where Henri Amel threw a tantrum when he discovered a number of improvements he had been consulted about. So much so that, to put his mark on the new model, he came back the following day and ordered that all further model would have the, in my opinion infamous, blue floor boards! Just a piece of Amel trivia.


All the best to all,


Jean Boucharlat

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Are you absolutely sure that hull 224 will 


 an AutoProp? 


As you may know the C-Drive case was modified during the Super Maramu's production to accommodate an AutoProp

. Prior to that modification Amel offered MaxProp

I know that Hull #240 was the first Millennium, or Super Maramu 2000, and I believe that all of the SM2ks had AutoProps, but I am not sure about 224.



ou will 

compare the attached photo

of Hull #387

to your C-Drive, you may be able to figure it out.




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