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Thank you for helping!!


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Olivier Beaute can help you absolutly, very professional and cheap I think. 
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The best surveyor for Amels in the world is Olivier Beaute <olivierbeaute@...>. He is located in France and travels anywhere.

The primary difference in Red Line Super Maramus is cosmetic, with the use of colors designed for the 54. This included leather trim colors, boot stripe and rub rail. There are a few more differences because suppliers to Amel changed models. For instance, Dolphin chargers in all Red Lines are a newer model that that used in most Super Maramus, however some Super Maramus produced before the Red Line also had a later model Dolphin charger. Some Electronics in Red Line are also different, such as NavNet for Furuno chartplotters...these types of small changes occurred throughout the production years. BTW, the last 54s were "Sand Line" models because the leather boot stripe, and rub rail colors of the 55 were used on the last 54s.

Are you looking to have your Maramu surveyed, or looking at another Amel?


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Hi, are there any good suryeyors gor Amel SM in northern Europe? What is the difference of the Red Line models? Thank you in advance 


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