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John Clark

I knew I liked you Joel!

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You can also remove the fiberglass arrow cover with the Amel logo’s and take it to any good graphics supply studio. Most have technology to reproduce better quality highly anti UV protected replacements easily and it will cost much less, especially considering the shipping and packaging,  and last longer than the Amel provided ones although the 15-20 years they endure is really not so shabby. Pick a shop glad to have your business and tell them if you get good duplicates to ‘save’ the job as you will put the shop on this site for other Amel folks to use. The guy I used to use retired as I just called and his phone is disconnected..  A shop you have to beg to help you will produce less satisfying results. Ask me how I know this…


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Cool thanks Rink. If I don't find a "shiny solution" before I head back down to Caribbean then I will ask Jean Collin.  


Regards. John


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You also can order new logo stickers from Amel. 


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