Re: metalized Amel logo on vent covers

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

While I know you are inquiring about SS makeover, if anyone is interested in replacing with high quality vinyl (like Amel original), you can use (in Puerto Rico). Google it and call them. Felix is the owner and they have state of the art laser cutting equiment etc (I've been to his shop and it is impressive!) I had them make exact duplicates of the Amel logos on the vent covers as well as my boat name etc They fit perfectly! He has data saved in his computer & can duplicate exactly the logos, Just tell him my boat name Liahona , Gary Silver. As I recall even though he bundled multiple items for me it wss something like $35 per side and he will ship anywhere. Great customer service, great quality product. Gary Silver

Amel SM #335

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