Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Repair

Beaute Olivier

Hello Paul,

I fully agree with Joel, this cannot be qualified as "cosmetic".
A few questions: 
-What was your boat speed and were you motoring or sailing, and what was the wind speed? The damages are directly related to these data.
-Did you see the location of the impact from outside (diving) or did you get the boat out of the water? This area is critical and it makes a big difference if the impact is below the GRP keel/ballast junction or above (below the Sonic speed sensor or above).

Your surveyor (and you) will need to inspect the whole inside of the freshwater tank too, and the main mast chain-plates bolts (from inside).
Depending on the speed and if you were sailing or motoring, you will need to have the rigging inspected too.

Good luck in these bad days.


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Thank you

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