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Patrick McAneny

Paul , No Skipjack would not be good for such a repair. However, Nick at Georgetown Marina would be . A million dollar cat hit a buoy just north of Norfolk , had extensive damage a couple of months ago. They had repairs done in Norfolk , they were poorly done ,so they returned to Georgetown to have Nick make the repairs correctly. They have a carpentry shop in case any woodwork needs to be done.
Good Luck,
Pat SM#123

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Patrick and others
We had some hard encounter with a submerged breakwater. We hit with the keel just where the reflector of the transducer are for the logg. There are some de-lamination around the bulkhead just in front of the water tank. the yard we are at now said it more or less cosmetic. however we need to repair.
Probably in the Chesapeake area. So my question is.Is Skip Jack in Sassafras a good place for this or should we head for other place. currently in Port Washington and heading for Main so any good Marina on the stretch Main to Chesapeake bay would be suitable.
All suggestions highly appreciated
Paul a not so proud or happy captain on SY Kerpa SM#259 

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