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Beaute Olivier

Hello Paul,

the access to the freshwater tank is not very difficult and there must be a topic talking about the inspection hatches as it is also the way you can clean the tank (didn't you clean your tank when you purchased KERPA?).
One is below the floorboard in front of the fridge. Take down the floorboard by removing the bolt from underneath.
One is below the fridge. Once you have removed the wooden vertical board at the front bottom of the fridge and released the big bolt on portside of the fridge (below the sink), the fridge will slide forward and it's not a big deal to remove it.
The last one is located under the freezer. It is also rather easy to remove. You need first to undo the valved plumbing fittings of the refrigerating fluid/gas. Then the whole container will come off the woodworks after you undo a few screws.
I'm sure some of the owners in the Chesapeake area will be able to give you some advice about that.

Once you can look into the three compartments of the tank, you (your surveyor) will look for gel-coat broken around the ballast bolts and cracks at the edge of the bonding glass cloth, all around the hull/baffles junctions.
You need to inspect also outside the tank, under the saloon table, all the bonding glass clothes of the stringers and bulkheads.

Outside of the vessel, can you see a crack at the junction of the GRP keel and ballast?

Knocking the ballast makes a stiffer shock than when knocking with the GRP above the ballast, which makes a sort of dampener/shock absorber.

6 knots certainly involves damages. I hope your insurance will commit a serious surveyor, and you will find a skilled shipyard.

Good luck.

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Paul , Yes it is. Pat

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Thanks Patrick
Is that the marina called Georgetown Yacht Basin ion Active Captain? Could not find Georegtown Marina "only"


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