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Hi Ryan,


When you are in Huntington give me a shout .

We could get together. I am just across the harbor.

Fair Winds


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My SM (that I just closed on yesterday!) is hull number 233.  It is not a SM2000.  It was built in July 1998.  I can believe that 232 was the first SM2000, but it definitely wasn't the start of full production.  Are we sure that 240 marked the switch, and by extension 239 is the last SM?  Also my boat has a fixed propeller, which I believe is original but it could be a replacement.



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Thank you for the info, I have been sent a photo of the original prop with the s/n on the blades.  Only trouble is that there are only 2 of the 3 blades with the hub. 

I am not 100% sure that l shall get the original prob back in my possession, more concerning if there are other parts missing or there is damage from losing the blade.  

I do prefer a folding prop over a fixed, I hate drag!!!!!


A lot to do, we are arriving at the boat in a few days and there's still a lot to do. 



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Thanks Olivier. I am sure Chris is also thankful for the information.




Bill Rouse


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Hello Bill and Chris,



hull # 167, 174, 202, and 210 have AUTOPROPS, first model with open stainless steel ball bearings. 146 and 156  have MAX-PROPS.

159 has a fixed prop. I think AMEL started with AUTOPROPS in 1996. However, at that time, some SMs still had a Maxprop (original), upon buyer's request (who didn't trust/like the cocker ears looking like strange prop!!).

I'm sure that hull 224 C-drive can bear an AUTOPROP.

I confirm the C-drive design has been modified in order to bear an AUTOPROP.

The first installed AUTOPROPS had open stainless steel bearings (for the blades).

The sealed bearings (steel balls) probably started in september 1999 with hull number around 275 (273 has it, 265 has open stainless steel bearings).


Have a good evening.





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Thanks for the information. BTW, I got my information on the first SM 2000 from Amel. 


I am absolutely positive that your hull 232 was not built in 2008. Did you accidentally make Satchimi 10 years younger? 😀

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Bill (Rouse),


Just for the record : SM hull N° 232, delivered in late July 2008, was in fact the first SM 2000, even though it did not get the label on its rubbing strake. And she was fitted with an Autoprop.

I know that because I was the original owner, she was then named Satchimi and now Lady Anila, and this SM was built surreptitiously in the yard to avoid prying eyes while the “standard” SM’s were still being marketed.

She is the boat where Henri Amel threw a tantrum when he discovered a number of improvements he had been consulted about. So much so that, to put his mark on the new model, he came back the following day and ordered that all further model would have the, in my opinion infamous, blue floor boards! Just a piece of Amel trivia.


All the best to all,


Jean Boucharlat

Formerly SM 232


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[Attachment(s) from Bill & Judy Rouse included below]



Are you absolutely sure that hull 224 will 


 an AutoProp? 


As you may know the C-Drive case was modified during the Super Maramu's production to accommodate an AutoProp

​. Prior to that modification Amel offered MaxProp​

​I know that ​Hull #240 was the first Millennium, or Super Maramu 2000, and I believe that all of the SM2ks had AutoProps, but I am not sure about 224.



ou will 

​compare the attached photo

​of Hull #387 ​

to your C-Drive, you may be able to figure it out.




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