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I have an '87 Mango and the water depth gage extends down into the
aft chamber of the 4 water tank chambers. This is accessed through
the floor in the galley, just in front of the reefer. The access
opening is small, so you will need to be creative on how to recover
and repair.

Mango #62 "Charisma"

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From: Crash

Subj: Water Tank on a '82 Mango, "Windrush"

Problem: Water Tank Depth Gage

While checking water depth on my '82 Mango using the
tube depth gage next to the ladder to the cockpit, it was stuck at
about 700
liters. I knew there was more water in the tank than that. I
tried to
"nudge" to tube up when I felt it give upward a "bit.' When I
released it,
the tube fell to the bottom of the tank with a bang. How in the
heck can I
get to the tube in the bottom of the tank, under the fridge and at
the base
of the ladder, to repair same? Help. I assume [bad word] that
Amel has a
replacement although I haven't asked yet. I need to know how to
get the old
one out first. P.S. I'm a live aboard and its winter now. Not
forward to ripping the Mango apart right now.


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Thanks Rob I think,

Can the freezer, frig be removed without breaking any seals or does
compressor etc have to be removed from the box. Just trying to avoid
unnecessary damage....


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I'm supremely competent to answer the question. I am without keel
at the

The answer is to remove everything: frig, freezer. The access is
and the inside of the boat looks like an opp shop.

Good luck.

Rob on Nebo SM251

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Hello Sailors,

Does anyone know how to access the three sections of the water
tank. I can
get the one under the sink and under the floor boards in the galley
but how
does one get to the section under the counter and freezer?
I was grounded on a sand bar and bounced. It cracked the water tank
the 500-510 liter area and I can see the crack which I cleaned and
with 5200 in the two aforementioned areas but am still leaking so
access the the third area which I have not been able to do.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your advice.

Bill Rahmig, SM 72 Leonore of Sark

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