Re: not enough RPM and only 6 knots with 2300


Hi all,

We have found now a sort of a solution for the missing performance.
Short history:
- we have changed the turbo charger and the exhaust pipe -> small positive effect
- we have cleaned the tank and the diesel -> small positive effect
- last but not least we have dismounted the injectors and cleaned them and they were tested on the testing plattform of Volvo in La Rochelle; they tuned them a bit and after the installation they changed the parameter on the injection pump (it is an old one which can be regulated by the specialist of Volvo / Perkins) 
-> big positive effect! I can now get again max RPM of over 3000 and a speed of 8 knots with my fixed propeller. I'm sure that I will get speed and performance up again next year when I will clean the hull and put a new antiffouling on it.
Thnak you very much for all your important feedback! For me is clear: with an old engine with not a lot of engine hours, you have to control also your injectors and if necessary let them dismount and clean from a diesel engine specialist not late after you have bought your yacht.

Fair winds and always a handsome water under the keel, best wishes from south brittany.

Philipp Sollberger
Félicie, CH ,
SM 124, 

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