Re: Super maramu questions

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2-Dodger windows: When taking significant spray and going into the
sun you are almost blind. Has anyone used anything on these windows
to improve visibility such as rainX? Also, the helmsman window
leaked is this normal and is there a way to seal it better.
RT: We found on our trip traveling down the ICW that when motoring
into a 15 kt or higher breeze the wave chop does put a good amount of
spray on the dodger window and makes it very hard to peer forward. I
too would like to know of some 'magic' way to improve visibility.
Offshore I can see that this is not a big problem but traveling
inside a channel makes it difficult. My solution was to crack the
window open the smallest amount to peek through while getting the
least amount of spray coming past the opening.

3-Anchors: So far the standard anchor has worked well I also have a
40lb danford. What other anchors are being carried out there.
RT: We found our 60 lb. CQR worked great everywhere but one place--
Southport, NC. We anchored in the 'old' basin where all the fishing
vessels are located. Very very soft mud. CQR dragged throught like
butter. I deployed my 35 lb. stainless steel Northill anchor with
success. I have purchased a 110 lb. Bruce and will put that on the
bow as the primary anchor.

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