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again incredibly valuable information from you guys! Thanks a lot, this really helps to take an informed decision moving forward.
best regards, Alex

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Bill Kinney,

One person's myth is another person's fact. And in this case, I think we have a combination of myth and fact. I believe that it is a fact that front opening refrigerator doors lose cold air and it is a myth that it is a significant energy issue.

In my opinion, Rob Warren, the owner of Coastal  Climate Control knows more about marine refrigeration and air conditioning than anyone that I have met. In the words of Joel Potter, "Rob is ‘The Real Deal’ and he forgot more about the things he chooses to blog about than most of us will ever know. Seriously, Rob is a soft spoken, modest man who does as he promises and does it right."

Rob Warren writes on this fridge door subject, "With a top opening (refrigeration) hatch, little to no cold air will be lost when the hatch is opened, but when a front-opening door is opened, cold air will rush out from the bottom to cool your feet, and warmer air will be drawn in from the top to replace it.

The more well-stocked a front-opening box is, the less air there is to lose when the door is opened, and so less refrigeration run-time is required to cool down the warmer air now in the box. It's not as bad as it might seem though, because if you dumped all of the 40F air from an empty 10 cu ft refrigerator and replaced it with 80F air, it would take just 2 to 3 minutes of refrigerator run time to cool the new air. However, if the replacement air contains any significant amount of moisture, it could lead to a heavy buildup of frost on the evaporator plate, and that will significantly affect the efficiency of the refrigeration system. Excessive frost buildup can also be the result of poorly fitted and leaking seals, but in this case it happens when the doors are closed.

For a front-opening fridge and/or freezer, the best solution is to have magnetic seals...Magnetic seals prevent cold air escaping when the doors are closed, which in turn negates the need for warm, humid air to be sucked in to replace the lost cold air, as happens with poorly-sealing compression gaskets."

​I am not capable of completely guaranteeing anyone that these two guys I quoted are correct, but, when it comes to Amel stuff, Joel is more correct, more times than anyone I know, and Rob is more correct on refrigeration and air conditioning than anyone I know.

I suggest to everyone that they should subscribe and/or read Rob's Blog at ​ Scroll the subjects on the right side of the page for a refrieration or A/C topic. I will bet that if you read his postings you will learn something that will save you time and/or money...and it is free.


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